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Mesenchymal stem cells are undifferentiated cells, that is, they are not cells that are part of a tissue or organ. However, they have the ability to become other types of cells such as bone, cartilage, muscle, fat cells, and more. Due to their multiple capacities, they can induce other cells to improve their functions, which also gives them the ability to repair organs and tissues.

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, promotes the repair of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissues through the use of stem cells or their derivatives.

Anyone with the aim of improving their quality of life, regardless of whether they have a chronic-degenerative or autoimmune pathology or are completely healthy. No age limit who suffers from an injury or osteoarticular or tendon disease that limits their normal daily functioning or their physical activity or wants to prevent serious degenerative musculoskeletal or joint pathology.

The main objective of the treatment with mesenchymal stem cells is to restore the proper function of our tissues, this type of treatment is even preventive, with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients.

They can be adjuvants as support therapy and prevention in degenerative diseases such as those that affect bones and joints, in heart, liver, lung, neurodegenerative, autoimmune or rheumatological diseases, gastro-intestinal diseases, type I and II diabetes, healing defects or diseases autoimmune.

No, but there is always an assessment consultation prior to treatment, to learn more about any disease or condition that any of our patients may have.

The number of sessions depends on each patient, for this we always go to an assessment consultation with our trained doctors to determine if the patient is a candidate and to determine in a specialized way a number of sessions according to the needs of each patient.

What complications do you have? There is no complication.

In various studies of treatments with Mesenchymal Stem Cells, it has been noted that they are capable of regenerating deteriorated or injured tissues such as bone, cartilage, liver tissue, myocardial tissue and even modulate immune reactions. These cells maintain a high capacity for self-renewal.

Stem cells are administered intravenously or localized application in the specific area to be treated; Knee, Rotator Cuff (Shoulder), Back, Ankle and etc.

For the first time they were isolated in bone marrow. Today they can be obtained from adipose tissue, umbilical cord, placenta, lungs or tendons. Our laboratories work with placental and adipose tissue.

The placental tissue is obtained (prior to an analysis before, during and after pregnancy), it is admitted to the Lcells laboratory and a serology is performed (studies to determine if the placenta is adequate), it is processed in the cell culture area and it dissociates the tissue to be able to incubate the cells, from there they expand and again undergo microbiological control to be preserved in a cryotank at temperatures of -195°C, without modifying their cellular structure.

Mesenchymal stem cells do not secrete Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Class II molecules, nor co-stimulatory molecules. This means that the organism that receives the cells does not act against the administered cells, therefore it does not reject them.


Live the Cellstime Experience

Well-being is a full experience, at Cellstime Clinique we make sure that you live your cell therapy in the best possible way, which is why we have for you not only the best health specialists, but also first-class facilities and support during all your cell therapy.

Your well-being is our goal!
and we want to give you the best experience

CELLSTIME | Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Cellstime Providencia is our parent clinic, located in the city of Guadalajara, the cradle of culture and tradition; where our facilities are located in the metropolitan area with amenities and activities that will make your stay a first class experience.

At Cellstime Clinique we seek to take Medical Tourism to its maximum, accompanying you at every moment of your cell therapy and stay; giving you the necessary tools for your well-being and comfort.

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    Colores de la ciudad de Guadalajara

    Zona metropolitana de Zapopan
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CELLSTIME | Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarata, Jalisco

Cellstime Peninsula offers you an experience for your well-being, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico during the application of your cell therapy, the Cellstime Peninsula facilities are located in a commercial area with great benefits for your stay.

At Cellstime Clinique we seek to take Medical Tourism to its maximum, accompanying you at every moment of your cell therapy and stay; giving you the necessary tools for your well-being and comfort.

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The Cellstime Clinique facilities have the necessary technology and comfort so that your cell therapy is adequate, and that your well-being is always in the hands of the right specialists, we want you to feel safe and comfortable at all times with your path to well-being.


    Colores de la ciudad de Guadalajara

    Zona metropolitana de Zapopan

    Tradición de Jalisco

    Colores de la ciudad de Guadalajara

    Zona metropolitana de Zapopan

    Tradición de Jalisco

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